1006 ASC-Kids Validation Study

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1006 ASC-Kids Validation Study


Nancy Kassam-Adams


Jeffrey Gold


The broad, long-term objectives of this project were to establish a practical, empirically sound means to assess children’s acute stress reactions after potentially traumatic events, and to expand our understanding of acute traumatic stress responses in children. Validated Spanish-language measures of child traumatic stress are scarce and especially needed given the need to assess Spanish-speaking children in the US.

This study built on the development of the first self-report checklist measures for acute stress disorder (ASD) in children, in English and Spanish. The prospective study assessed the reliability, validity, and factor structure of these child self-report measures by enrolling parallel samples of English- and Spanish-speaking children (age 8 - 17 years) recruited in inpatient and outpatient settings associated with academic medical centers in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Miami.

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Nancy Kassam-Adams

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Inclusion criteria
  1. Age 8 – 17
  2. Child has experienced, within the past month, an acute potentially traumatic event.
  3. Child is more than one day post-event (in keeping with the ASD diagnostic requirements that symptoms persist for a minimum of 2 days).
  4. Child speaks English, Spanish or both (for the bilingual sample) well enough to complete the measures and participate in an interview.
  5. Family access to a telephone.
Exclusion criteria
  1. Child’s current medical status or cognitive functioning precludes participating in an interview.
  2. Child has moderate to severe head injury, defined as GCS <=12
  3. Child’s “acute event” (index trauma exposure) involved family violence or abuse (physical or sexual).
  4. Child or parent has been arrested or is subject to legal proceedings related to the index incident.
  5. In the index event, child or parent was a perpetrator of violence (or participant in mutual violence)
  6. There are other circumstances that place the child or parent at realistic risk of legal liability related to the index event.
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Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and University of Pennsylvania

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Study Language 2



2007 - 2010
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United States


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US National Institutes of Health - National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)


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Analysis Unit

Child exposed to an index potentially traumatic event