1009 VIP Dataset II

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1009 VIP Dataset II


Joel Fein and Nancy Kassam-Adams


The aim of this phase of the hospital-based Violence Intervention Program was to develop and implement a protocol for preventing assaultive injury in youth age 8 - 17. The project utilized Emergency Department (ED) staff and research assistants, transitional violence prevention counselors, and the resources of existing community based organizations. The project’s goals were to: 1) Encourage the rapid identification and assessment of youths in crisis due to existing or impending assaultive injury; 2) Improve access for patients in the healthcare setting to community-based violence prevention organizations; 3) Individualize the intervention and referral plan for select youth identified as being at risk for assaultive injury; 4) Reduce the barriers to communication between healthcare professionals and victims of youth violence, thereby increasing the likelihood that at-risk youth will be appropriately identified in this environment; 5) Perform a qualitative analysis of the procedures and behavioral constructs used by this intervention; and 6) Validate tools used to assess emotional responses to stress in violently injured youth. Interventions evaluated in this study were not aimed at reducing PTSD symptoms. Data included here are from 2 assessments - in the ED and 6-12 months later.

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Joel Fein

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Nancy Kassam-Adams

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Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and University of Pennsylvania

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Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and University of Pennsylvania

Inclusion criteria

Children and youth age 8 - 17 years treated in the Emergency Department for injury resulting from interpersonal violence. Must live within specified postal codes (urban area surrounding the hospital).

Exclusion criteria

Injured by parent / caretaker or intimate partner. Residence outside study-specified postal codes.


2001 - 2003
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United States


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William Penn Foundation (no grant number)

William Penn Foundation


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Analysis Unit

Child exposed to an index potentially traumatic event